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What better way to spend your summer than at camp? Our summer camps offer lots of action and plenty of fun, and Son-soaked days. Meet lifelong friends, eat great meals, play fun games, learn about Jesus and have the time of your life in a spectacular setting! What makes our camp weeks so special? We offer a wide variety of programs and activities for children to experience while at camp. Each program is designed to provide an unforgettable, life-changing week, where campers will learn and grow in their faith walk! Don’t just sit there – come craft, learn, create, grow and experience everything we have to offer!

2023 Camp Dates

Camp One2 (1st & 2nd Grade)

Camp Three4 (3rd & 4th Grade)

Camp Five6 (5th & 6th Grade)

Appropriate camp determined by grade entering in the fall.

June 23rd-24th

June 18th-21st

June 18th-23rd





Want to volunteer at camp?


Our purpose is to help campers and families grow closer to Christ.  To accomplish this, we train enthusiastic counselors and volunteers who are excited about Christ and about making a life-changing impact on kids.  Experience with children, personal and spiritual maturity, and aptitude for building healthy relationships within the camp setting are crucial qualities in the selection of our counselors and volunteers.

Our Summer Counselors and Volunteers typically range in age from 14–25 years old.  While many are high school and college students, there are teachers, medical professionals, and other adults who fill key leadership and counseling roles.


NEO Summer Camp values those who choose to invest in our campers. Without you, summer camp couldn't happen. Thanks so much for your willingness to be involved with bringing the truth of Jesus Christ to young people.

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