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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some questions you may have about camp.  If you still have questions after you've read through our FAQs, please email

How do I Register?

1.  Choose the camp week for which you would like to register.

2.  Register online HERE!

      Register by May 20th to receive a FREE t-shirt and $5 in Camp Cash for the Snack Shack.


3.  Watch your email for a confirmation email and any follow-up emails regarding additional information that may be needed.

What is there to do at Camp Still Water?

Camp Still Water is held at the Northeast Ohio Church of God Retreat Center.  We have been blessed with 173 acres of God's beautiful masterpiece.  Activities for our campers include gaga ball, 9 square in the air, archery tag, crafts, art, games, kayaking, fishing, tetherball, kickball, softball, volleyball, nature hikes, campfires, karaoke, hayrides, music, and more!

How do I know which camp to register my child for?

Camp registration is based on the grade your child will be going in to in the Fall of 2024.  

Camp Three4 is for kids that will be in 3rd or 4th grade in the Fall of 2024.

Camp Five6 is for kids that will be in 5th or 6th grade in the Fall of 2024.

To ensure that we are providing age appropriate activities, we must strictly adhere to these grade requirements.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card.  If you are paying with a credit/debit card, you will need to complete your payments online.  We cannot accept credit/debit cards in person.

What if my church is paying all or part of my camp fee?

Church payments can be made via check and mailed to:  NEO Retreat Center  16278 Shilling Rd  Berlin Center, OH  44401

Checks must include a list of campers, which week they are each attending, and the amount to be applied to each camper's account.

Accounts must be paid in full at or before check-in at the start of camp.

Are your counselors and staff screened?

Yes!  All counselors, jr. counselors, staff, and volunteers have background checks on file with the camp.  They each also complete an application which includes references which are checked and verified.

What if my child has medications that he/she needs to take?

We have a nurse on the property at all times during Camp Still Water.  The nurse will meet with you at check-in and document all of your child's prescriptions and dosages.  The nurse will also keep a log of when each medication is given and dosage throughout the camp week.

When/Where is drop off and pick up?

Check In will be from 2:00-4:00pm on the first day of each camp.  Upon arrival to camp, you can park in the lot next to the MCC (Missions Conference Center).  Please leave all of your camper's gear in the car and just bring your registration information, medical forms, and outstanding payments with you.  Proceed to the Tabernacle for your health check.  After completing your health check, you will proceed to the Registration Table where your registration will be completed, outstanding forms and balances will be collected.  T-shirts and cabin assignments will also be given in the Tabernacle.  If you would like to place money into your camper's Camp Cash account, you can do so at the Registration Table.  Once registration is verified and cabin assignments have been received, you can unload your camper's gear and head toward your assigned housing location- MCC Dorms, Dormitory, Kyle Lodge, Hogan, Cabin of Faith, Cabin of Righteousness, or the Cabin of Truth.

Pickup will take place at the pavilion at the Tabernacle at 10am for Camp Three4 and Five6.  Please park in the lot at the MCC.  Be sure to bring your pick up tag and driver's license.  ONLY THOSE LISTED AT REGISTRATION AS AUTHORIZED TO PICKUP, SHOWING ID, AND WITH A PICKUP TAG WILL BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE WITH CAMPERS.

What is the electronics policy?

We want your camper's experience to be life changing!  Our goal is that every camper will come to have or grow their current relationship with Jesus.  To do this, we need to put the distractions of the world away and fully embrace His outdoor masterpiece.  Electronic devices of any kind are not allowed.  This includes handheld games, cellular watches, and phones. 


We do understand the need for kids (and parents) to be reassured that everything is ok throughout the week.  Campers may have a phone that will be available for use to call home during Quiet Time each day.  If your child plans to bring a phone, please place it in a Ziploc bag with their first and last name on it.  Phones will be collected during check-in and held in the camp office until quiet time each day.  Counselors will pass them out during quiet time for campers to use to make calls home (no game playing).  At the end of quiet time, phones will be recollected and returned by the counselors to the camp office.  If you are sending a phone, please be sure to send a charger as well.

Can my child bunk with a friend?

We will do our best to accommodate cabin mate requests, but they are not guaranteed.  Please be sure to list your cabin mate requests during registration.  We will also do our best to make sure that those from the same church are bunked together.  

Does my child need to bring money?

If you register by May 20th, your camper will receive $5 FREE in their Camp Cash account to use at the Snack Shack.  You may also deposit money into their Camp Cash account at check-in.  Items at the Snack Shack include fruit drinks, pop, candy, chips, ice cream, etc. and are very reasonably priced $.50-$1)  The Snack Shack will not accept cash, so please be sure that any money you send is deposited into your camper's Camp Cash account.

What does a health check include?

Temperatures will be taken upon arrival at camp.  Campers with a temperature over 100 degrees will not be permitted to stay for camp.

We have also adopted an active lice and nit free policy for the protection of all campers and our facility. Each and every camper will have a "head check" as a part of the health check process. If active lice or nits are found, campers will not be permitted to stay for camp. Parents may choose to treat campers and return to camp however campers will be checked upon return and the above policy will still be in effect. 

Can I send mail to my child?

Absolutely, campers love to get mail!  You can write your letters ahead of time and drop them into the mailbox located outside of the Camp Office  or you can mail them to:

Camper's Name

NEO Retreat Center

16278 Shilling Rd

Berlin Center, OH  44401

Please keep in mind that the mail service is extremely slow lately.  If your camper is attending a 3 night camp, it is best to drop them in the Camp Office mailbox at check-in.  

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